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The Kingdom of Tonga by Rachel Vercoe

I’ve always been envious of spearfishers travelling to dream locations throughout the world in search of unique dive sites and trophy fish species. I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to join my family and friends in the Kingdom of Tonga. My mum and dad, Brett and Lisa Vercoe, and sister, Natalie, as well as family friends, Paul Miller and Daniel Bloom, were great travel companions for such an adventure with Rob Torelli’s new Blue Water Explorer charter operation.

Lobster Tales by James Sakker

Once the Autumn frenzy of pelagic spearing is over my attention turns to a more relaxed form of diving-chasing the tasty variety of crustaceans found on our coast. Lobsters are found in fairly shallow water from about 2 to 10 metres with 4 metres the average depth. The water tends to clear up and as the lobsters tend to sit where they are there is no need to hit the water too early-unless of course you have lots of competition from other divers. I’m lucky enough to have plenty of spots without too much dive pressure although in recent years as the sport has become so much more popular I’m running into more and more divers even at my remote spots.

Rollin' North by Julia Sercombe

Weather determines how good the visibility will be, how rough and how long the journey will be and whether you can work on that hideous short tan you managed to get after long hours in the sun at work. Stalking the weather is something spearo’s, surfers and most water sport enthusiasts are caught looking at ‘on the job’. We’ve all been guilty of chucking the odd “sickie” but its true spearfishing can cure any sickness, if only our managers bought it!

2014 A great dive season by Rene Tognetti

2014 has been a great dive season for my self, I’ve dived every where from Bremmer Bay in the south to the Monte Bello Islands in the north also including the Rottnest Fads, Abrolhos Islands, Dirk Hartog Island, Dorrie Island and Bernier Island. I’m lucky to operate a charter vessel that provides charters in all these locations, my hobbie is actually my job, well in a fashion.

Double Page Poster.

Our poster for this issue is Brett Vercoe with a 32kg Spanish Mackerel taken off Lodestone Reef, Townsville. Photo by Chris Hill